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About the Journal

Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric publishes research articles written by undergraduates on topics related to rhetoric and writing. We seek papers that integrate secondary sources from the area under investigation and offer primary research conducted by the writer(s) and/or ground inquiry in a defined theoretical framework. All in all, we publish articles that make an intellectual contribution to their respective fields. Young Scholars in Writing welcomes collaborative manuscripts and research by or about historically or currently marginalized or underrepresented peoples and cultures. 

Young Scholars in Writing is peer-reviewed by undergraduate students from a range of two- and four-year colleges from across the U.S. as well as former contributors to the journal. It is also faculty-reviewed by editorial board members from higher education institutions across the US. 

Young Scholars in Writing is generously funded in part by a grant from the York College of Pennsylvania Center for Academic Innovation and the Naylor Endowment in Writing Studies.


For more information about Young Scholars in Writing’s features, submission guidelines, and review processes, please see our For Authors section.

Young Scholars in Writing encourages the use of its material in undergraduate courses. All materials may be reproduced for research and classroom use without permission or fee. 


Copyright for all content by its respective authors.