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Meet the Fall YSW Interns: Kameron Cherry


Picture of Kameron Cherry


Hi. My name is Kameron Cherry (He/Him). I am excited to be one of the Fall 2021 Editorial Intern for Young Scholars in Writing.

I major in English Literature and Textual Studies, and Professional Writing. Funny enough, this program of study was not my first choice, but rather it was Criminal Justice. The reason for this change was that I was reading an English pamphlet from York, and it seemed very interesting. I tried the program, and I don’t regret it. Growing up writing and reading seemed like a chore, and my family didn’t really promote the notion of being a writer or reader. However, in my first year at York College of Pennsylvania, I studied multiple texts and wrote multiple papers and I appreciated every single one of them. I found a new love of writing, and I wish I would have figured that out early in life. I always had communication problems but writing opened up a new avenue of communication and language. Thanks to that, I also discovered rhetoric among the many techniques I learned.

I needed an internship for my senior year at York College. I came across Young Scholars in Writing and instantly knew that I wanted to do it. Young Scholars in Writing heavily focuses on undergraduate research in writing and rhetoric. I am glad that I am an editorial intern for YSW, because I get to review fantastic undergraduate works. Not only that, but I also get to promote their work as well. My hope for my internship is to learn more about the editorial process, while also learning to work with a team. I am excited to work alongside Dr. Cutrufello, Dr. Peck, Dr. Cope, and Dr. Kurowski.

I believe the opportunity Young Scholars in Writing is giving me will not only make me better in the professional world as an editor and team member but will also give me knowledge on what happens behind the scenes of publishing. I am excited to start working with YSW. Thanks!