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Meet Marilyn Damord, Co-Author of “Supporting Business Students in the Writing Center”


Photograph of Marilyn Damord.

Marilyn Damord is a Professional Writing major at York College of Pennsylvania with a minor in Visual Communication. She is also a Presidential Research Fellow, allowing her to focus her writing on research initiatives. Her piece, “Supporting Business Students in the Writing Center,” was written with her cohort, Ashlyn Bellman.

The piece originated as an assignment for the two authors while they were tutoring in the Writing Center on campus. This project quickly turned into a fleshed-out idea for a publication piece. For Marilyn, the best part of writing her piece was getting to do interviews. She interviewed a business professor at York College, with whom she discussed what skills they brought to the college, the curriculum, and what they see students doing that can be better supported in the school’s Writing Center. She is hopeful that the work and research done in her piece will be built upon in the future as schools work to provide better resources for other college majors. More specifically, Marilyn found this piece important because she has always used the Writing Center and hopes it can be more widely known about and utilized.

When talking about her experience writing for Young Scholars in Writing, Marilyn said that she believes students should just “go for it!” She is excited about writing for YSW and is grateful for the experience:

“Keep an open mind, especially if you have a certain research interest that you really want to get out there. If     you don’t think that it’s going to be published somewhere, but you just want to explore it more, there’s definitely resources at YSW that can help you with that”

Marilyn is hopeful about her future endeavors after having had an experience where she learned about and was exposed to the world of writing for an undergraduate research journal on her college campus. Marilyn would like to thank all those that helped her throughout the process of writing her piece, especially her co-author, Ashlyn; her faculty advisor, Kim; and the authors’ FAE, Jacob.


This post was originally drafted by students in Dr. Cope’s Fall 2022 WRT320: Digital Writing course and edited and updated by Alex Merritt.