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Meet Ashlyn Bellman, Co-Author of “Supporting Business Students in the Writing Center”


Photograph of Ashlyn Bellman.

Ashlyn Bellman is a York College of Pennsylvania senior studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a minor in Professional Writing. Her piece, “Supporting Business Students in the Writing Center,” was co-written with Marilyn Damord.

Ashlyn enjoyed her experience writing for Young Scholars in Writing and found it helpful in other writing courses. She particularly enjoyed the process of writing this piece because of the opportunity to interview two of her professors. Hearing their perspective about what they expect from their students was a unique experience.

Interviewing her professors helped Ashlyn realize how significant this piece is. She also feels it’s important as a college student, specifically a business and writing student.

She tells writers who may not have the confidence to submit their work to YSW, “It’s another way to show your credibility while freely writing. Don’t doubt your work, the editing process will get you there.” Ashlyn is grateful for her experience with Young Scholars in Writing and feels that more opportunities have been opened up for her future career combining business and writing.


This post was originally drafted by students in Dr. Cope’s Fall 2022 WRT320: Digital Writing course and edited and updated by Alex Merritt.