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Meet Yizhuo Yang, Author of “Cinematizing Immunity: The Rhetorical Effects Of Science Fiction In The Public Communication Of Science”


Photograph of Yizhuo Yang.

Yizhuo Yang wrote about the rhetorical effects of CGI and Artificial Intelligence.

His article analyzes a BBC documentary that entailed a journey of research on his topic. According to Yizhuo, his research made him become interested in CGI and artificial intelligence along the way. This work inspired the continuation of his research of the brand-new technologies of the world and the effects they can have on society. 

He supports new undergraduate scholars, telling them to write about something that intrigues them and inspires them. He also wants YSW writers to address their strengths and weaknesses to effectively make their personal work, whether published or not, much more well-rounded. Finally, he tells writers to use their confidence to their advantage. 

Yizhuo’s favorite aspect of writing a piece of work to be published was synthesizing the information he consumed in the research portion of his publishing. He plans on continuing his research throughout the course of his college career. 


This post was originally drafted by students in Dr. Cope’s Fall 2022 WRT320: Digital Writing course and edited and updated by Alex Merritt.