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Supporting Business Students in the Writing Center

  • Ashlyn Bellman York College of Pennsylvania
  • Marilyn Damord York College of Pennsylvania
Keywords: Writing Centers, Business Writing


This project builds on Armand St. Pierre’s 2017 study of how writing tutors can assist engineering students without fully comprehending the technical language. We first explore how the writing center can help students in business by synthesizing previous research, exploring the debate of specialized and generalized tutoring in writing centers, business writing requirements, and how the writing center can support business writers. Then we analyze interviews conducted with two business professors to help tutors gain insight into business students’ requirements. Understanding the key features of business writing will better prepare tutors to help students with their specific genres.

Author Biographies

Ashlyn Bellman, York College of Pennsylvania

Photograph of Ashlyn Bellman.

Ashlyn Bellman is currently pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from York College of Pennsylvania. She is also studying professional writing and environmental sustainability. Once she receives her B.B.A., she plans on attending graduate school to further her studies.

Marilyn Damord, York College of Pennsylvania

Photograph of Marilyn Damord.

Marilyn Damord is a Professional Writing major and Presidential Research Fellow at York College of Pennsylvania. When not writing, you can find Marilyn curled up with a good book or planning her next passion project. She enjoys the adventure of creative scholarship and is eager to continue learning.

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