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Redefining Interfaith Discourse: Applying Invitational Rhetoric to Religion

  • Jason A. Sharier Kent State University - Stark


There exists a peculiar, reoccurring loss in religious conversations held between rhetors of differing religious beliefs—that is, the building up of the person-to-person relationship. This article, however, proposes that invitational rhetoric, as offered by Sonja K. Foss and Cindy L. Griffin, will provide the rhetor with a more sympathetic, even empathetic, means of discussing the subject matter of religion. While this essay focuses on the individual spiritual quest, religious rhetoric is herein examined with the intent of arriving at a juncture that will allow one to go beyond the usual conflicts by nurturing what might be considered an unusual, but effectual, respect.

Author Biography

Jason A. Sharier, Kent State University - Stark

Jason A. Sharier graduated from Kent State University in May 2011 with a BA in English and a minor in Writing. He most recently served as an adjunct faculty member at the Kent State Stark campus, teaching university orientation. Jason is planning on beginning his graduate coursework in Literature and Composition this fall.

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