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Propaganda vs. Political Persuasion in Politics: Public Beware

  • Demirae Dunn Morningside College


This article observes the differences between propaganda and political rhetoric, primarily by examining the campaign tactics of Newt Gingrich during his rise to power to become House Speaker in 1994. Readers are made aware of the importance of distinguishing these differences in order to make informed political decisions based on logical reasoning rather than on irrational appeals that stem from political propaganda.

Author Biography

Demirae Dunn, Morningside College

Demirae Dunn will graduate from Morningside College in spring 2014 with a double major in Advertising and Business Administration. She currently works as a student ambassador in the Office of Admissions at Morningside. Before graduating, she plans to be a camp counselor for a summer in Japan and to study abroad in Italy for a semester. After graduation, she hopes to continue traveling.

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